Spa & Health Club

At the Spa and Health Club of Crowne Plaza Leeds, we offer a tranquil haven away from the rapid pace of contemporary living that is conducive to replenishing your spirit and vitality. This spot serves as a gentle reprieve for those worn thin by their hectic schedules, offering an array of nurturing treatments alongside state-of-the-art amenities designed to stimulate body and mind harmony.

Every spa treatment performed at our skilled therapists hands engages you in an invigorating panorama of sensory satisfaction. Treatments varying from restorative massages to stimulating facials prioritize bringing about tranquillity coupled with uplifting energy levels. Absorb yourself in the comforting surroundings synonymous with our spa – spaces meticulously crafted fostering tranquility.

The complementary Health Club stands as our extension for wellness commitment propelling the spa’s offerings. Catering for patrons seeking an vigor-infused life intake through technologically advanced fitness facilities, it marks a uniting point for activity enthusiasts during travel maintaining exercise routines. It houses ultramodern gym equipment, swimming pool coupled with dedicated fitness guides ensuring unbroken organic upkeep stints whilst journeying.

Steam rooms coupled with saunas are available making relaxation abundantly convenient while inducing total revitalization holistically. Here at The Spa & Wellness center at Crowne Plaza Leeds, replenish your being initiating complete re-boost experiences.
Immerse yourself in the serenity of our health club and spa, where you’ll find a pool awash with warm light which invites relaxation. If you are staying at the hotel or live locally, we extend a friendly welcome to all who need a retreat from day-to-day pressures. Our team of experts strive for providing each guest with attentive service and customised care that aligns with their individual priorities. Relish in some quality self-care time at Crowne Plaza Leeds Spa & Health Club, letting its healing ambiance significantly uplift your well-being. Envision retreating into an oasis of tranquility poised to rejuvenate your senses thoroughly each time you are our much-valued guest.