Your food journey begins here at Crowne Plaza Leeds, where our extraordinary dining options weave together a rich tapestry of tastes to enthrall your palate. Our impressive assortment of eateries and watering holes couple gourmet taste with a range of flavor profiles capable of satisfying diverse taste buds.

Relish in the top-notch cuisine at our flagship restaurant, prepared diligently by proficient chefs employing distinguished local and international components. Delve into the warm ambiance while relishing masterfully prepared meals, each exhibit presenting gastronomy’s artistry through color and composition. From juicy steaks to colorful vegan preparations, we strive to explore kitchen techniques and culinary aesthetics to delight connoisseurs like you.

But for laid back gatherings or business meetings disguised as lighthearted socializing,, there’s no better location than our cosy lounge or bar! Chill out to your heart’s content while indulging in an array of cocktails, fine wines and premium spirits tastefully paired up with bite-sized delicacies. Truly,a place that caters perfectly well for conversing over cocktails!

In the mornings let us enchant you with our morning fare aimed at satiating both sweet & savory breakfast cravings – serving something fresh and nutritious for everyone.
At Crowne Plaza Leeds, quality is at the cornerstone of every meal we present to you. We are rooted in the principle that each dining experience should comprise scrumptiously delightful and filing dishes Greater than this, we acknowledgethe essence of meeting a variety of dietary requirements towards which, our broad-ranging menus have been impeccably put together with options catering particularly to guests with certain specific dietary demands. This assures every patron has their fair chance at savouring culinary brilliance offered by our restaurant.

We believe a memorable dining venture goes beyond what’s on your plate; hence our spaces crafted explicitly for dining purposes exude an atmosphere conducive to enhancing your overall calibre of your experience. Coupling impeccable service standards with stylish settings while narrowing down perfectly on details creates an ambiance that makes each meal transcend extraordinariness making the entire process aetheral sensory delight specifically so while dining at no place other than Crowne Plaza Leeds.

Set foot into the gastronomic wonders promised by us where each bite ensures you embark upon yet another unprecedented journey scaling extraordinary realms.