Meeting Rooms

Enhance your professional events at Crowne Plaza Leeds. Our conference facilities weave an exceptional melange of elegance, functionality, and modern technologies. We are uncompromising in our commitment to offering unmatched services that ensure each gathering – be it a corporate administering meeting, convention, workshop or training session – becomes a sterling success ingrained indelibly in the minds of both facilitators and participants.

Explore our myriad multifunctional spaces; each primed with advanced AV amenities and dependable high-speed internet connection for uninterrupted collaborations and effective communication. The adaptability in structuring seating arrangements within these rooms supports customization based on different event specifications.

A remarkable feature is the abundant inflow of daylight into most spaces cultivated consciously keeping productivity-enhancement benefits in mind. This radiant ambience stimulates intellectually enduring conversations and decisive collegial interactions.

The proficiency of our dedicated event organisation squad remains at your disposal to navigate through every detail – commencing from initial planning stages up till real-time on-site management ensuring smooth orchestration of your schedule.

Tailor-specific conferencing packages invite modification to accurately fit your needs including extensions like arranging for particular catering entities, carving out breakout zones or provisioning unique tools.

Considering its strategic positioning right at the heart of Leeds city centre coupled with superior facility offerings makes choosing Crowne Plaza as the venue an excellent decision for business tributes.
Beyond just providing meeting rooms, our enterprise support facilities at Crowne Plaza Leeds also encompass a well-equipped business centre; designed to facilitate uninterrupted productivity during your visit. We acknowledge that leisure labours are vital in the midst of corporate events. Adaptable rest intervals can be indulged within our cozy guest spaces, while our on-site dining and bar serve as the ultimate backdrop for interpersonal mingling or de-stressing post an eventful day of engaging discussions.

At Crowne Plaza Leeds, we’re committed to surpassing anticipations by delivering a holistic package for your business occasions. Enhance your assemblies and seminars with our robust infrastructure, customized attendee services, and dedication towards carving out an optimally beneficial space for triumphs. For your forthcoming professional gathering consider partnering with us – to fully appreciate the distinction rendered by ordering events through Crowne Plaza Leeds.