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Five tips on getting started with your workout

The most popular New Year’s resolutions are focussed on becoming fitter and healthier versions of ourselves.

Whilst many of us succeed, a lot of people can usually keep motivated for the first couple of months and then achieving this resolution becomes much more challenging.

Our team at Spirit Health Club have provided their top five fitness tips to help you stay on plan!

Ease yourself into your training

As much as you want to go full throttle at the beginning of a training programme, it isn’t the best idea.

Be smart with the amount of times you work out weekly, and after a few weeks slowly and systematically increase both the frequency and intensity in which you train at.

Choose suitable cardio

No matter the goal, every training programme should have an element of cardiovascular training. Ensure a relevant one is chosen that will help you in reaching your goals.

For example, as HIIT training has been proven to significantly increase testosterone and other growth hormones post-exercise, the integration of this training method with your programme in order to help build lean muscle will be of a beneficial nature.

Maintain your calories

To understand how much food you need to eat when you’re hitting the gym or doing exercise, you need to know how much food your body needs to maintain its weight.

Once this is worked out, your diet can be manipulated to assist with the achievement of the desired goal. It has been seen that a daily calorie surplus of 500Kcal will result in an approximate increase in weight of 1lb weekly and a calorie deficit of 500Kcal daily will result in approximately a 1lb weekly loss.

Rest and recovery is important

As important as training is, it shouldn’t come at the expense of adequate rest and recovery.

Allowing the body sufficient time to repair and regrow is vital to performance as well as long-term health.


Ensure that any training programme undertaken adheres to the whole idea of longevity. A smart approach should be undertaken when deciding upon the FIIT principles of any training programme (Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type), and sufficient rest and recovery should be prioritised as well.

If the programme/training you are undertaking can’t be maintained long-term then you will just burn out and find yourself back at square one!

If you need any help with creating your fitness plan or guidance on how to use our equipment our qualified Personal Trainers are more than happy to help!

Whether you are fairly new and just starting out on your fitness journey or are looking for motivation and to get back into your routine, we can work with you. Why not pop in to view our facilities and discuss membership opportunities?

We’ve also got a special Spirit Health Club membership offer on at the moment where you’ll get three big treats when you join.

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